What’s this about?

I have created this blog and I want to dedicate this to food. However, I am a bit confused on what I should be including here. 

This is what we ate yesterday. Mutton Kosha in the right and Mutton Keema in the left with some roties. This is a small little hole-in-the-wall called Rupa in Calcutta. It serves Mughlai dishes. There are hardly 10 chairs inside this restaurant. It’s mostly a take-away place. We heard people ordering 5 biryanis. Being the season of Ramaddan a lot of the mughlai restaurants serve amazing food and it gets sold out pretty quickly too 🙂 The Mutton Kosha was good and the Keema was super spicy. However they serve it with a salty lime chutney which you can have at the end of the meal and all the spiciness just goes away from your mouth! The chapatties/roties are just that. No oil or anything which is good because the mutton dishes had enough to make up for it. In all an okay experience. It would have been better if the Keema was not so chilly.

There you go, my first food review!!



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